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May 2023


  • Joette’s business has grown quite rapidly through her IG where she started getting a ton of questions about her services. It was becoming very time consuming responding to these questions.
  • Potential students for her courses would contact her through IG where she would book consultation calls. On these calls she found herself answering some of the same questions over and over again.
  • Knew that she needed a website but has been putting it off for a while. Started the process of trying to  build one herself. However, building a website is not her forte which lead to delays and lengthy halts. This was becoming very time consuming, taking away from her ability to focus on her business, because of the time it took to look for answers.
  • Her business, although successful, had disjointed processes which were didn’t allow for further optimzation of processes for ordering products, booking appointments, and courses.

The solution

  • Built a  website that hosts all of the information related to iGoByJo’s services, products, and appointments.
  • Implemented a scheduling system that allows her clients to easily book courses at a time that works for them, making it easier to manage the workload and meet her clients' needs. This allows Joette the ability to also easily input the moments that best suit her for taking on appointments.
  • Set up a payment processing system that allowed Joette to collect payments up front for her products, as well receive down-payments for her courses, giving her peace of mind and ensuring she gets paid for the time people are blocking from allowing other students

The outcome

  • A tailor-made website for Joette’s business that meets her unique needs and requirements, that she can now direct potential clients and students to when they have questions.
  • More time to focused on building her business and not answering repetitive questions.
  • A business tool that now works 24/7 for her, ensuring there are no missed opportuinities.
  • A website that is accessible and user-friendly on mobile devices, making it easier for clients to access information and book appointments on the go.
  • A website that is optimized for search engines, increasing the visibility of the business online and helping it reach a wider audience.
  • Ongoing technical support and website maintenance that ensures the website stays up to date and functioning properly, providing peace of mind for Elise and her clients.
  • The redesigned website accurately represents Joette’s current business, enhancing her brand image and helping her gain the trust of potential customers.


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